How Do We Join?

If your high school is interesting in participating in STUNT, there are several ways you can join in on this exciting new sport!

First, see if others in your state are already participating by viewing the dropdown menu under the “States” tab above. If a contact is not listed on the state page, feel free to contact one of the coaches of a participating school to find out how to join them, or contact Bill Ahern below.

If your state is not already participating in STUNT, here is what you need to do to get started:

Contact several other area schools to gauge interest in playing STUNT. From there, we can help you customize a program to fit your needs.

  • Simple version: If schools are interested, but want to see STUNT in action first, host a STUNT scrimmage or game with one other school, and area coaches and athletic directors can attend and find out more about STUNT.
  • Small group: If a few schools near you are already interested in playing STUNT, we can set up a program where you each host a round robin tournament. This allows teams to get a better feel of how a full STUNT season would work, and additional area school representatives can attend and sign on for the following season.
  • Full season: If you have an entire district or at least 6 schools ready to play, we can help you organize a full season of STUNT, which would culminate in a league or district tournament.
  • State Associations: Contact us for assistance in launching STUNT as your next female sport!

USA Cheer provides the music, routines, and online training programs for coaches and officials. The local or state organization will organize games and officials, similar to other sports.

Once you are ready to take the next step with STUNT, contact Bill Ahern at

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